To earn the patch, the Girl Scout must do the following:

1. Get your family outside to look at the stars on a clear night. Take a picture of your Star Party.

2. Locate the following constellations:

• Orion, Taurus, and the Pleiades

• Big Dipper and the Little Dipper

3. Try out an app or use a star chart to locate and identify another constellation.

Or make your own HERE

4. Learn the legend about one of the constellations and share it with your family or another girl scout.

5. Look at the moon through a pair of binoculars (if you have them)….can you see why there is a story about a man in the moon? Take a picture of the moon.

When complete, fill out the form linked below and a patch will be sent via mail for the Girl Scout.

Patches are limited to the first 40 Scouts that respond.

Family Star Gazing Challenge

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